About Hulhumale

Hulhumale is the result of the largest land reclamation project undertaken by the Maldives government. The island was conceived as the “New Male”, born out of the growing need to alleviate congestion within the country’s capital. A mere 20 minute ferry ride seperates Hulhumale from Male but you may as well be in a different world!

Hulhumale is physically larger than Male City and enjoys direct access to the international airport via a link road. Its wide lagoon provides safe harbour for all manner of vessels including the majority of the Safari boats operating within the Maldives. Hulhumale is much more spacious when compared to Male city and though there is a bustling little community resident here you never get the feeling that the place is crowded. There is substantially more greenery throughout the island, much less noise and way less traffic! Although shopping in Hulhumale isn’t on par with Male, you’ll still easily find most conveniece goods, toiletries and food items avilable in the stores and corner shops dotted around the place.

The entire North East side of the island boasts a very long stretch of rather nice beachs lined with coconut palm trees. Over the years a number of guest houses have sprung up alongside it offering modern and comfortable accommodation options to visiting tourists. For eating out you can choose from a selection of small restuarants and cafe’s offering simple but adequate dining. For classier eating options and serious shopping, Male city has a lot more on offer and with the ferry leaving every 15 minutes it’s super easy to get there anyway. These convenient travel options and more importantly the generally better standard of living in Hulhumale are why we encourage our divers to find accommodation here. But of course if you prefer then you can also stay in Male City and still dive easily with us.

Why Dive Here?

It might surprise you to know that some of the very best diving in the Maldives is but a stones throw away from the countries capital. Around Male and Hulhumale you can do channel dives, Wreck dives, underwater pinnacles, wall diving and visit various marine protected areas. You can also dive with Manta rays in the right season, between the end of July and the begining of November, when the sightings are very reliable. For a better idea of what the diving is like here, browse through our dive sites section to see the variety for yourself.

Ultimately, if you are a keen diver and your goal is to dive the Maldives without paying the resort or safari premium then it simply doesn’t get easier or cheaper than diving with us from our Hulhumale dive centre. From the interantional airport it takes only 10 minutes by Taxi to get here. You avoid huge transfer costs and inflated room rates which ultimately means that you can afford to stay longer and do more dives. Especially if you are travelling as a couple on a sharing basis then staying on the Island works out to be very reasonable. All you really need do is arrive and dive!

Certainly on the resorts and safaris everything is perfectly luxurious to help you escape reality as you indulge in the sheer excess. But you also miss out on the local culture and the real essence of the Maldives. Can you really claim to have seen a country without engaging in it’s customs and meeting the local people? By participating in local tourism you not only gain a truer understanding of the Maldives but you also directly benefit the local community and industry.


Accommodation on Hulhumale is provided by some 11 guest houses. Most of these are located along the beachfront side of the island but some are more central too. In general, rooms are modern, comfortable and brand new since the majority of the guest houses have been built very recently. Prices of accommodation vary widely but you can expect to pay between 50 and 120 US$ per night for a room depending on what category you choose. Most of the guest houses use popular booking websites such as Agoda.com or Booking.com to handle their bookings. Normally you have to do a bit of trawling through the price options to find their special rates but they are there. Especially in the low season from the end of May untill the beginning of November (Which is aslo our Manta ray season) rooms are offered more readily at the reduced rates.

Guest houses on Hulhumale include:

When you book please check beforehand with your hotel to find out exactly what is included in the room rate. Generally your rate should include as a minimum: Airport pickup and return transfer by taxi, Bed and breakfast. Free internet usage and TV. If you are travelling as a larger group (minimum 5 pax) then please contact us and we will endevour to negotiate a better rate for you directly. Currently we don’t have any standing agreements with guest houses or hotels but we are working towards creating partnerships with accommodation providers to offer better package deals in future.

Local Transport

When you are in Hulhumale you can get to most places by walking. In fact you are never really more than a 10 or 15 minute walk away from anywhere that matters. However if it gets too hot in the day then you have several options to get around. See below for a description of the various transport options. Please also be advised that the schedules and times mentioned here are during the week only and subject to change on the Maldives weekend – Friday and Saturday. Especially on Fridays during the main midday prayer time, betweel 11:30am and 01:30pm, all public services are suspended.

Bus – The island shuttle bus runs between 5 drop points around the island. It takes the bus 15 minutes to go once around Hulhumale and the route is timed to coincide with the arrival of passengers comming from Male via ferry. The bus fare is 2 Rufiyaa for a round trip which is about 13 Cents US.

Airport Bus – There is also a bus service that runs between Hulhumale and the international airport. It departs Hulhumale from the main central bus stop (stop number 1) and takes about 15 minutes to get to the airport terminal building. The airport terminal is also the departure point to strat your return journey. The cost is 15 Rufiyaa each way which is about 1 US$. The bus leaves roughly every 40 minutes although during lunch times and in the evenings there are some 2 hour gaps.

Male/Hulhumale Ferry – To go between Male and Hulhumale you need to take the island ferry. The terminal building on Hulhumale is on the island‘s West side and you get there simply by following the main road which bisects the island from East to West. The ferry departs for Male and Hulhumale every 15 minutes throught the day starting from 6am untill 11pm. After 11pm the ferry still operates but on a much less frequent timetable, about once every hour. The ferry crossing ususally takes around 20 – 25 minutes depending on the weather. The cost of the ferry transfer is 5 Rufiyaa each way which is about 35 Cents US.

Male/Hulhumale Speedboat – If you’re in a hurry then there is the speedier option of taking the speedboat ferry service. This only takes between 5 and 10 minutes to reach Male or to come from Male. Tickets can be bought from the same terminal building counter as the regular ferry but the departure jetties at both ends are a little bit apart from the terminal. Please ask the staff at the counter where you need to wait for the speedboat. The cost is 20 Rufiyaa each way which is 1,30 US$. The speedboat schedule is not as consistent as the regular ferry. It runs on a seperate time table.

Taxis – In all cases please liase with your guest house reception to arrange taxi transportation anywhere! There are presently no central dispatch centres for the general Hulhumale taxis. The guest houses will have a long list of individual taxi driver numbers that they will refer to when they call you a cab. This regular taxi service operates only on Hulhumale island. Theses are the taxis that will bring you to and from the ferry terminal or to the dive centre, etc. The second kind of taxi service operates the airport express taxis which have a special permit to bring you to or from the international airport. Only these few taxis have the authorisation to handle these trips and they only go between the airport and Hulhumale. So please check with your hotel reception to make sure that they are arranging you the right kind of taxi for where you need to go.

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